Refining Outdoor Gear

The Wenatchee Valley in Washington State is home to Coaxsher™. Located in the great Northwest, the sun shines an average of 300+ days a year offering limitless outdoor recreation activities. Within 37 miles of our office is our 280-acre playground where our prototype test team uses and abuses our new gear to acquire the utmost strength and proper design for our products. This playground offers rocks to climb, 7000 ft. mountains to summit, raging river water, and everything else we need to measure our products capabilities. Clear your mind of everything you know about gear. Clean slate....good. This is what we do as we begin to produce our ideas. Our job is to produce gear you will love adventure after adventure. With our minds clear from restraints we can do this. It is all about the gear, and we keep that in mind when we produce our gear. Handcrafted, our products come with the useful features and unparallel workmanship people look for in gear. One step ahead, we strive to provide excellent gear at great prices with distinctive features seen nowhere else but at Coaxsher™! The beginning started with needle and thread, a passion for gear, and one man. Long nights and sore fingertips somehow managed to create a backpack. As more gear was made by hand and eventually machine over a period of 2 years, the time came when a brother came aboard and Coaxsher, Inc. was formed in early February of 2001. The two brothers, one a past wildland firefighter and the other an avid diver joined together their passion for gear and laid out their ideas on a Coaxsher™ future. Coaxsher™ gear is now sold worldwide while precision machines and personal craftsmanship bring our new designs and ideas to life.

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