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Coaxsher excels in providing firefighters and first responders with high-quality Urban Interface clothing designed to meet the demands of urban firefighting situations.

Our Urban Interface clothing combines the utmost functionality, protection, and comfort to ensure firefighters can effectively navigate challenging environments. This firefighter clothing is made from durable, fire-resistant materials that meet or exceed safety standards, safeguarding wearers from heat and flames.

With ergonomic design features such as adjustable cuffs, reinforced stitching, and multiple pockets for storage, Coaxsher's Urban Interface clothing is optimized for convenience and effectiveness during urban firefighting operations. The firefighting clothing offers maximum mobility, allowing firefighters to maneuver easily through tight spaces and physically demanding situations.

Coaxsher's commitment to safety doesn't compromise style, as the Urban Interface clothing enhances professionalism and confidence among firefighters and first responders.

Whether it's jackets, pants, or a helmet shroud, our Urban Interface clothing sets the standard for performance, durability, and comfort in urban firefighting situations. Shop today.
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CX Wildland Helmet Shroud CX Wildland Helmet Shroud

Designed and built for comfort and protection, the CX Wildland Helmet Shroud keeps your face and neck shielded from embers and heat.  An offset velcro-close face closure provides better comfort and less heat retention while breathing.  Attaches to wildland helmet via Mil-Spec Velcro.

Out of Stock
MSRP: $34.95
photo of CX Urban Interface Coat from Coaxsher CX Urban Interface Coat

When duty calls the CX Urban Interface Coat will keep you protected and comfortable day in and day out.
40 units Minimum Order
Made in USA
NFPA 1977 & 1975 Certified

5-7 Weeks
MSRP: $249.95
photo of CX Urban Interface Vent Pant from Coaxsher CX Urban Interface Vent Pant

The first and only Urban Interface Wildland Fire Pant that battles against heat, sweat, and discomfort. With "Xvent" technology the CX Urban Interface Vent Pant protects you from internal and external heat.
40 units Minimum Order
Made in USA
NFPA 1977 & 1975 Certified

15-17 Weeks
MSRP: $259.95